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Jillur Rahman

THEORETICAL PHYSICIST Doctoral Fellow Part-time Tech Enthusiast

About me


I'mJillur Rahman

Reasearch Associate at Theory Center, IKP TU Darmstadt

I indulge in the study of Nature at the most fundamental level. I took an Elite Master program in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics (TMP) at LMU Munich. My master thesis studied a toy model in which quantum information carriers probed a dynamical boundary that glued two universes together, in order to simulate the dynamical formation of an event horizon which separates two completely different universes to quantum observers. Currently, I am studying how the relics of an ancient network of cosmic axionic strings might still be found today in the form of axion miniclusters. The decay of string networks is not well-understood and we need better models.


Elite Master (TMP)


Elite Master in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics.

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany.

Bachelor of Science (PME)


Bachelor of Science in Physics, Mathematics and Electronics.

Christ University, Bangalore, India.

Pre-University Schooling


Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics, English.

Srimanta Shankar Academy, Guwahati, India.

Relevant Coursework


Lie Algebras and Groups, Differential Geometry, QED, General Relativity, QCD and the Standard Model, QFT in Curved Spacetime, Advanced QFT, Mathematical QFT, Mathematical Statistical Physics, Topology and GR, etc.


Learning Curve

I have a deep-seated need for thorough learning. Even so, I can learn anything that I find interesting within a very short course of time.

Public Speaking

My talks have always been very engaging. I am beloved by my students for my clarity of speech. This skill has won me awards as well.


I have excelled in a course on Soft Skills and Leadership Training. During college days, I organized several events for the science fests.

Programming Languages

I code in Python mostly. But I am also familiar with Fortran, HTML, μP/μC-ALP and BASH. With BASH, I can manipulate any UNIX-based system (e.g. Linux) to whatever end.

Passion for knowledge

I delight in studying mysteries. I need to know! Not because knowledge is profoundly powerful, but simply because I am most happy playing detective with Nature. It's fun.

Model Building

Mathematical modelling is one of my most practical skills. I can model any problem at hand, even on psychology, and predict measurable results. It has won me awards in the past.

Research Interests and References

Non-Perturbative Foundations of Quantum Field Theory


Quantum Field Theory in the perturbative picture is known to miss certain non-perturbative solutions such as solitons. It is believed that this missing of important ingredients could be why the perturbative analysis is divergent. Inclusion of such effects could make the theory free of infinities, which is why a non-perturbative analysis of QFT is so much interesting.


Renormalization Group Methods and its Applications


The action of...

Darmstadt, Germany